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When you need to re-balance and rejuvenate your body in between daily routines, Shining Angkor Massage  is the perfect answer for a time and resource saving relaxation. A therapeutic health massage well suited to urban lifestyle, Shining Angkor Massage Service provides professional massage to restore and enhance natural beauty from the inside Tune your body, mind and spirit Let yourself go get pampered and freshened. Indulge yourself in the relaxation and simplicity of Shining Angkor Massage Service. Experience the true pleasure of cozy stylish ambience, clean and hygienic environment; unique tasteful decoration. Meet us at one of our branches near you, and you will know what relax is...

Marks of the Khmer Massage

Traditional massage in Siem Reap isn’t just for tourists. On the contrary, Khmer massage and ancient healing practices play an important role in the daily life of the Cambodian people as well. It should therefore come as no surprise if a local guide or driver shows up with some distinct circular marks on his or her face and body, or if you see professional businesspeople in their smartest business attire with similar strange-looking marks. Chances are the marks are signs of traditional treatment methods still widely in use all over the country.

Khmer massage has its own unique history and tradition. Masseurs often use hot cups and coins in their practice, which is what leaves the unusual marks. The belief is that suction and increased blood flow caused by these objects ease obstructions, and the treatments are said to relieve a variety of illnesses from common colds to more severe aches and pains. No oil is used and shiatsu-style work is done with the body’s ‘meridians.’ Unlike Thai massage, Khmer is gentler; there is no stretching or twisting involved.

In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap has a great selection of spas and massage lounges in which to rest, relax and indulge. From as little as US$ 08 per hour, visitors can find themselves quickly revived with a soulful foot massage after a long day trekking. Or they can laze all day at a spa and be receive head-to-toe pampering with special services such as body scrubs, hot-stone massage, heat treatment and aromatherapy, to name but a few.

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