Prek Ampil (Kampot)

At the base of the Bokor Mountain National Park lies the white sand beach of Prek Ampil. Tourists who arrive in the small town see the beach as a nice enough place to relax in, with the numerous coconut trees nearby providing shade and breeze.
The beach is undeveloped though, so there are no lounge chairs to offer visitors. There are, however, drink stalls selling coconut juice, as well as establishments selling fresh seafood like crabs, cuttlefish, snails, and even lobster.
The view in the Prek Ampil beach is very picturesque. While the beach itself is not ideal for swimming, it is good for snorkeling and scuba diving, as the waters are rich in corals.
Most tourists who come to Prek Ampil, though, choose to chat with the local seaweed farmers who have taken over the area, or watch them harvest the water plants. These seaweed products are then sent off to Malaysia.
Aside from the farmers’ community, there are ruins of villas built in the 1960s along the beach. These had been the remnants of a time pre-Civil War when the small town used to be a weekend destination.
Prek Ampil is in the Koh Toch commune, around 18 kilometers from the town of Kampot.

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