Prasat Top (East) ( Siem Reap )

East Prasat Top in Cambodia is one of the small Angkor temples, also known as "Mangalartha" (named after the Brahmin monk Jayamangalartha to whom the temple was dedicated) or "Monument 487" (the reference number in the French inventory of monuments). Located within the Angkor Thom City, about 300 meters south of Victory Gate, it is the last Hindu temple to be built at Angkor Although architecturally not very imressive (it consists of a small ruined shrine on a basement overwrown with vegetation) this small tower is historically very important and it is worth including it in a visit to the Angkor Thom.

Architecturally unimpressive but historically important small tower. Also known as 'Monument 487' and 'Mangalartha' in honor of a powerful monk, Jayamangalartha, who was the son of one of Jayavarman VII’s Brahman monks. Originally commissioned by Jayavarman VII, it was not consecrated until 1295AD, decades after his death. This temple was the final Brahmanic temple built in the Angkor area, marking the end of an era. Constructed in the historically hazy period of Hindu resurgence after the death of Jayavarman VII

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