Boutique Hotels in Siem Reap

What is Boutique hotels ?

Shining Angkor boutique hotel is one that is generally not chain-affiliated, features an intimate, stylish appearance and provides impeccable amenities. Also referred to as lifestyle or design hotels, the trend and related name began in the


 1980s by Northern Americans. Although many boutique hotels are small, ranging from single digit rooms to less than 100, some in major cities have well over 100 rooms.

The definition of boutique hotel is rather vague. Boutique hotels are sometimes hip and at other times historic. Some are unique in design, architecture or theme. However, a boutique hotel usually distinguishes itself in these areas: design, service and target market. Some boutique hotels are themed; many attempt to be unique by either offering themed rooms or choosing an overall theme for the hotel.

Service might be the distinguishing feature of what classifies a hotel as a boutique hotel. The goal for a boutique hotel is a level of personalized service not necessarily doable in a larger hotel. At many boutique hotels, the staff may know each guest by his or her name. Most offer 24-hour guest services. Some offer the comforts of canopy beds, bathrobes and fireplaces in the lobby. Others offer healthy food choices, mind and body themes and on-site bookstores.

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The Guest Recent Booked

Country: India
City: Coimbatore
Number of Room: 1 Room
Number of Night: 4 Nights
Check-in Date: 19/10/2023
Check-Out Date: 23/10/2023
Booked: Junior Suite with Balcony View-US$ 40.00